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Boiler Cover you can rely on 

Inverclyde Boilers are not a nationwide company meaning we don't have any call centres abroad nor do we have any lengthy waiting times on the phone. All our staff are local to the area so we can help you faster 

Our cover aims to be a direct response to lowering waiting times when you are in need 



Annual Service Package - Service Only

Boiler Cover Package

What’s covered

✅ Annual Gas boiler Service

What not covered

❌ Repair to the boiler



Boiler Repairs and Annual Service

Boiler Cover Package

What's covered 

✅ Breakdown protection for a single Boiler and Controls.

✅ Repairs to your Boiler and Controls, including thermostat/programmer.

✅ Parts, labour and unlimited call-outs.

 What’s NOT covered

❌ Boilers greater than 45kw

❌ Commercial boilers.

❌ Repairs and/or System flushes required as a consequence of sludge, limescale or corrosion

❌ Boilers that are in poor or non-functional working order.

❌ Pre-existing faults or system deficiencies

❌ Any associated specialist controls

❌ Anything outside of your boiler and controls.



Boiler Repair with Radiator Repair & Annual service.

Boiler Cover Package

What's covered

✅ Repairs to your Boiler and Controls, including thermostat/programmer.

✅ Your radiators, towel rails, valves & full heating pipework

✅ Your annual boiler service.

✅ Unlimited callouts.

✅ 7 day support.

What’s NOT cover

❌ Anything outside of your boiler, radiators or heating pipework (ie. , appliances, plumbing or electrical work.)

❌ Cast iron or designer radiators.

❌ Pre-existing, system design or installation faults.

❌ Any boilers older than 10 years old.

❌ Weather-related damage.

❌ Damage caused by sludge, scale & debris within the system.


Our experienced and helpful staff will always be
happy to assist you. Contact us to enquire
about having your boiler serviced.

Upgrading your central heating will not only provide you with fast heat and instant hot water, it is also energy efficient and environmentally friendly!
Whether it is your first central heating system in a new home, or you're just looking for an energy-efficient replacement for your original system, our engineers will be happy to hear from you.


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